Laser Gum Surgery (LANAP®) vs. Traditional Gum Surgery Vista, CA

Adriatic Dental, a San Diego dental practice, is one of the select practices in the country that offers laser gum surgery, a new alternative procedure used for treating gum disease. The Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP®) has broken new ground due to its ability to eradicate gum disease without the invasiveness associated with traditional surgery. LANAP® offers several advantages over traditional surgery, so it is important to learn about the differences between the two before choosing a San Diego gum treatment.

LANAP® vs. Traditional Vista, CA Gum Treatment

Save Natural Teeth. The top reason patients choose laser gum surgery for Vista dental care is because of the laser’s ability (in many cases) to preserve natural teeth. With traditional surgery, teeth often must be removed to prevent the further spread of infection.

Reduced Recession. Because traditional surgery uses a blade, your gum line can be reduced. The amount of reduction varies by patient, but traditional surgery can lower the gum line from as little as 2-4 mm all the way to 10-15 mm. Gum recession can detract from the aesthetics of a person’s smile as well as increase teeth’s sensitivity to cold and hot temperatures. LANAP® is designed to only target diseased tissue, leaving most of the tissue intact an reducing gum recession.

Less Pain. Many people with gum disease postpone treatment because they dread the pain of traditional surgery. Since there is no cutting or suturing in LANAP®, patients report minimal pain. Pain medication is rarely prescribed, and patients can resume their daily activities fairly quickly following the procedure.

Long-term Results. Although both treatments produce excellent long-term results, LANAP® has the advantage of greater predictability in regards to the connective reattachment of tissue and bone regeneration. The laser encourages regeneration by stimulating the bone surrounding the root of the tooth, often saving teeth that would have otherwise been removed. Oftentimes, patients who have undergone LANAP® continue improving as time goes on and Dr. Valentina Obradovic is able to reverse the effects of gum disease at the Vista dental practice.

For patients in Vista, this gum treatment may provide a viable solution for eradicating periodontitis. Dr. Obradovic offers LANAP® at Adriatic Dental, a Vista dental practice. If you would like to learn more about LANAP®, schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Obradovic.

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