Versatility is one of the chief advantages of implant dentistry. Dr. Valentina Obradovic, your dentist in San Marcos, will take several factors into account when making a treatment recommendation, including your jaw bone’s structural integrity, the number of teeth you are missing, and other considerations specific to your individual case.

Implant Dentistry for Single Tooth Replacements

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A single tooth implant with crown restoration offers the best long-term solution for replacing a single missing tooth. Although three-unit dental bridges are also commonly used to address this particular scenario, patients should be aware of complications that are known to accompany this treatment option.

At first glance, bridges appear to be less costly than implants, but this estimate may not reflect the overall cost. Certain factors can drive up the price, including problems with adjacent teeth. Since bridges use neighboring teeth to anchor the bridge, these teeth are forced to take on a heavier load to support chewing. Root fracture and further tooth loss can occur due to the intensified pressure.

Bridges also have a 50 percent shorter lifespan than dental implants – 10 years as opposed to 20. When factoring in the replacement costs, you might find that overall cost to be significantly higher than the initial estimate.

Implant Dentistry for Replacing Multiple Teeth

If you are missing multiple missing teeth, your dentist in San Marcos will make a recommendation based on their location. If your teeth are missing in different areas, single implants are your only option. However, if you have successive missing teeth, you can either use single implants or implant fixed bridges to replace them.

Implant fixed bridges use implants for support rather than natural teeth like regular bridges, which prevents the structure from damaging the adjacent teeth. An implant fixed bridge is often less costly, because it requires less implants than the actual number of missing teeth.

If you are interested in discussing your implant dentistry options for replacing a single tooth or multiple missing teeth, call Adriatic Dental to schedule a consultation with a Dr. Obradovic, an experienced and knowledgeable dentist in San Marcos, CA.

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