Are you over 50 with frustrating dental problems?

Relax with “Peace of Mind”

Adult Dentistry!



Relax with “Peace of Mind”  Adult Dentistry! 1

What is “Peace of Mind” Adult Dentistry?

Mature adults who have complex dental problems need a doctor, like Dr. Obradovic, who listens carefully first, and then uses over 20 years of experience and advanced training to dramatically improve her patients’ appearance, dental health and their ability to chew naturally.
  • Laser Gum Treatment – First and only FDA approved, (new breakthrough in dentistry)
  • Alternatives to Sleep Apnea treatment with CPAP machine available
Relax with “Peace of Mind”  Adult Dentistry! 2

Evening Hours & Saturday Appointments Available.

Who are candidates for Adult Dentistry?

Adults who are 50+ and:

  • Avoided dentistry for years and NOW need extensive treatment
  • Have complex dental work done by one doctor with advanced clinical skills and technology
  • Want most of your specialty dental needs to be handled in 1 office
  • Handle major dental work easily and comfortably in just one visit.

What problems can be treated with Adult Dentistry?

  • Gum disease, bleeding gums and bone loss
  • Loose or poor-fitting dentures
  • Dental Implants
  • Broken or Missing Teeth
  • Smile Makeovers
  • Extractions and how to Avoid them
  • Root Canals and how to Prevent them
  • Same day dentistry
  • Sleep disorders (like snoring and Sleep Apnea)




I’ve never met a more caring group of professionals. Their patience, accuracy and communications during the diagnosis was the best I’ve ever experienced. Their tools were high-tech. The treatment options were focused on my best interests and not profit. The payment options fit my needs. Everybody knew my name. Everybody was smiling. Everyone was friendly. I left feeling like I had just been adopted into someone’s family. Ultimately, the procedure was effective and ended up costing me about half of what I had been quoted at another office. They’ve gained a new customer. I look forward to referring friends and family.
— James B. —

Relax with “Peace of Mind”  Adult Dentistry! 3

Experience You Can Trust

Over 20 years experience in treating complex dental problems in San Diego County.
Relax with “Peace of Mind”  Adult Dentistry! 4

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