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Candid Clear Aligners

Straighten your teeth with precision-made, expert fit and nearly invisible aligners.

Straighten your teeth the right way!

Candid aligners are almost invisible, no one will notice you are wearing them. People won’t know you’re straightening your teeth unless you tell them.

Benefits of Candid Clear Aligners Treatment

  • Exceptional care without leaving home 
  • Quick orthodontic treatment
  • Virtual check-ins give you peace of mind
  • Fast results 

Straighter smiles start with a Candid® Pro appointment at Adriatic Dental.

Maintain a Beautiful Smile

Custom-made Candid Pro aligners offer the precision and comfort that can help you achieve and maintain a beautiful, bold smile. It starts with a simple consultation and the results can change your smile.

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Candid Aligners

Most insurance accepted