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“I have been coming here for years ever since I was in High School. And it’s hands down the best and most relaxing experience that I have ever had at a Dentist Office. They are so caring and nice, it’s not just about $ here, it’s all about you as a person. They actually care about you and your family!”

J. M.

“Dr. Valentina and her team here are so much fun! They have top of the line technology- they had an x-ray gun which made the x-rays REALLY easy. They had a video camera to take pictures of my teeth, and they had an electric scraper which made teeth cleaning super fast. This place was awesome!!”

O. H.

“Thank You Dr. Obradovic! Your entire staff was great and I appreciate how well you treated myself and my daughter. You guys are wonderful. Thank you! Thank you!”


“One of the most thorough and professional staff on all levels. Very friendly.”

S. Q.

“I don’t normally take time out of my day to write reviews, but Dr. Obradovic and her staff are great. They go out of their way to to smile, listen, and concern for you and your oral health. When I came in for my cleaning, they asked me if I was happy with my smile and if I wanted to see improvement in any areas. If they had never asked, I would never had said yes. Do you know what it feels like to get compliments on your teeth? I do. Thanks guys for my beautiful smile : )”


“I had my concerns and fears about “dental,” however, it was a wonderful experience and any doubts or fears I once had are completely gone. I am now the confident person I always wanted to be, wearing the smile I always wanted to have. Thank you so much! ”


“I highly recommend Dr.Obradovic for more more than one reason. First of all, the office has the feel of a luxury spa, not a dental office – they even pamper you with a hand paraffin treatment. What dental office has done that for you?! Second, she has the newest and best technology on the market! Lastly, the staff at Adriatic Dental is a team of very friendly and accommodating professionals. Most people dislike going to the dentist, but if there was one office that takes away the stress and anxiety of dental work, that’s Adriatic Dental!! I am very happy with the results of how my teeth feel and look. I will be a patient for life!”


“Your entire staff was great and I appreciate how well you treated my daughter and I. You guys are wonderful!”


“Your standard of excellence is evident in the way you match color when supplying a dental prosthesis, or using the new laser treatment to treat gum disease. Your preventive management has saved me several teeth that I may have lost going to a dentist who isn’t on the cutting edge of dentistry. Thank you for your standards of excellence!”


“Valentina and staff are wonderful. She is a great dentist. Over the past several years, she has made my husband and I part of her dental family. I recommend Adriatic Dental to ALL my family and friends!”


“I will always use Adriatic Dental and refer them to all my friends and family… I love my new smile!”


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