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If you want to transform the look of your smile without undergoing an invasive procedure, Lumineers ® by Cerinate® may be the ideal solution. Lumineers ® are a type of porcelain veneers that instantly give you a smile of perfectly white and aligned teeth. At Adriatic Dental, Dr. Valentina Obradovic provides Lumineers ®, veneers, and a variety of other options for cosmetic dentistry in San Marcos, CA.

Cosmetic Dentistry: Differences between Lumineers® and Traditional Veneers

If you are considering Lumineers ®, it is important to understand the key differences between Lumineers ® and traditional veneers. To begin, Lumineers ® are much thinner than other types of veneers, measuring only about 0.2 mm. They are also highly translucent, a characteristic that enables them to replicate the look of natural enamel. As with other types of veneers, Lumineers ® are custom-made to fit over each tooth. However, unlike traditional veneers, these “smile shapers” are so thin that they can be applied to your teeth without shaving off enamel to place them. As a result, there is minimal pain involved with this procedure.

Dr. Obradovic can even place Lumineers ® over your existing bridgework or crowns without replacing them. They are an enduring cosmetic solution for discolored, chipped, or misaligned teeth. In just two or three visits, you can have a gorgeous custom-made smile that you can enjoy for decades. The Lumineers ® procedure takes about one hour. Because your natural tooth structure is still intact, this cosmetic dentistry procedure is completely reversible.

You can have a more beautiful smile without the removal of tooth structure, even with old crowns and bridges! Call Adriatic Dentistry to learn more about cosmetic dentistry in San Marcos and see how Lumineers ® can change the way you smile and feel about yourself.

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